Towing a Caravan or Trailer – Best Ideas and Advice

If you handed your take a look at just before 1st January, 1997, you can normally generate a car and trailer blend up to eight.25 tonnes.
If you passedon or following 1st January, 1997, you can tow a trailer powering a class B automobile without having a more test if the trailer will not exceed 750 kg. A Category B vehicle is a 4-wheeled motor vehicle with a MAM not exceeding three.five tonnes which has not more than 8 passenger seats in addition to that of the driver.
If you want to use a Category B motor vehicle to tow a trailer exceeding the limit over, then you will have to go a practical Group B+E take a look at. If you want to travel a motor vehicle with a MAM exceeding 3.five tonnes, this kind of as a motorhome, you will require to move a Category C or C1 examination.
Your drivers’ handbook will typically supply info on the maximum permissible trailer mass which can be towed by your automobile, together with the maximum noseweight which need to be applied to the tow ball. There are also some legal restrictions on laden bodyweight of unbraked trailers, which you will require to know for your specific automobile.
Normally, even if the automobile limits are mentioned as higher, you are safer if the fat of the loaded trailer does not exceed 85% of the empty (kerbside) weight of the towing automobile, particularly if you inexperienced at towing!
When towing, the duration of your household car can be regarded as doubled. Exterior towing mirrors will be necessary for a very clear check out down both sides of the trailer/caravan. The use of a excellent stabiliser equipped to the tow bar can make the combination less complicated to manage, especially in crosswinds, or when getting overtaken by lorries and so forth.
Fat distribution is the important to security when towing. Heavy things should be loaded as lower down as achievable, primarily above the axle/s of the trailer or caravan. More substantial, but lighter items, these kinds of as bedding and clothes, need to be distributed close to to offer a suited noseweight at the towing coupling, as recommended by the company. This noseweight can be calculated using an low-cost gauge from caravan stockists. Men and women must in no way be allowed to travel in a caravan when it is getting towed!
If you are new to towing numerous Driving Colleges offer you brief classes on manoeuvring and safety when towing. The Countrywide Caravanning Council offer a comprehensive booklet on the identical, and guidance can be acquired from 1 of the massive caravanning organisations.
Practice tends to make perfect, so head to a silent automobile park to learn manoeuvres and strategies just before heading off.
Basic safety CHECKS
It is essential that any load is carried so that it is not a risk to other road customers. The following checks need to be made to your trailer or caravan just before you set off on your journey:
• Correct loading, with the correct noseweight on the towbar
• Properly hitched up, with breakaway cable, or secondary coupling, effectively linked and the coupling head entirely engaged and locked
• All lights and indicators connected and operating
• Jockey wheel and assembly in fully stowed placement
• All windows, roof mild and doorways properly shut and protected
• Brake techniques is functioning properly
• Tyre pressures are appropriate.
• All fuel materials are secured and turned off i.e. Liquid gas cyclinders.
• The trailer or caravan need to be equipped with tyres of the specified score as pointed out in the manufacturer’s handbook.
Tyre laws also use to trailers and caravans, so check out tread depth and any injury to the sidewalls of the tyres. It is sensible to elevate a caravan on supports if it is to continue being standing for long durations, getting the excess weight off the tyres and prolonging their useful lifestyle.
jockey wheel
You will turn into employed to towing, and you can make this easier for yourself by arranging forward and supplying by yourself a lot more time. Don’t forget to:
• Permit far more braking time when stopping or slowing down
• Permit for the added size throughout your driving, specifically when turning or emerging at junctions
• Allow 3 moments the usual distance and time to overtake safely

• SNAKING – ease off the accelerator gradually, enable the steering to ‘twitch’ a tiny, and decrease your velocity until finally the snaking has stopped
• Substantial-sided vehicles – take added warning if passing or getting passed, enabling as a lot room as safely achievable to avoid turbulence or buffeting outcomes
• By no means tow in the exterior lane of a motorway with more than two lanes, unless of course other lanes are closed off
• Be courteous – improve the graphic of the tower by checking your mirrors frequently, making certain that you are not holding up more rapidly visitors. Be ready to pull in excess of securely if you are leading to a maintain up!
• Speed Limitations – Unless road symptoms instruct or else you need to not exceed
30mph (48kph) in created-up areas
50mph (80kph) on solitary carriageways
60mph (96kph) on twin carriageways or motorways.

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