Samsung 153V LCD Monitor Power Supply Repair Tips

Troubleshooting Samsung 153V LCD energy deliver is just like troubleshooting those crt kind. This reveal got here in and not using a strength symptom. If you’re first time repairing this form of energy deliver, I suggest you to first take away the transfer mode power transformer. Then take a look at every single aspect inside the primary phase, before you retain to check the secondary segment. You should be properly in checking out fundamental electronic components so that you can stumble on the fault Fix Samsung in Sweden.

You can constantly browse through my internet site simply in case you do not recognise how to check simple electronic additives. If you do no longer recognise the proper way to test, you may miss out a awful issue and this can lead you not capable of solve the hassle. After carefully checking all the additives in the energy supply segment, I determined the clear out capacitor do not have any analyzing the usage of virtual capacitance meter (open) , the two spherical type fuse additionally open circuit, 1N4744 15 Volt zener diode brief circuit and ultimately the electricity ic TOP247F blown! Testing the transfer mode power deliver primary winding with a dick smith flyback tester proven green bar which indicated proper winding.

What we left here have been the secondary diode and clear out capacitor. Upon checking them with analog meter and esr meter, observed they all to be top condition. Other region like main board and inverter board additionally seems ok (Power failure hardly ever have an effect on these two circuit). Now we’ve got showed that most effective five additives observed to be defective. One by using one the components were replaced (besides one fuse) and simply earlier than you turn on the energy deliver, make sure you join a a hundred watt light bulb throughout the stay ac line-consult with the image at my internet site. Once it is done you could then continue to interchange at the LCD display to look at the brightness of the bulb.

If it very brilliant, this suggests that there are still brief circuit someplace within the electricity phase. If it dim or completely goes off, you may now area your red probe to the secondary facet to test if any dc present at their respective line. If there are DC voltages gift at the output, you may transfer off the electricity, discharge the filter capacitor (for safety functions), put off the light bulb and join lower back the brand new fuse to its authentic area.

You are now hundred percentage sure that the LCD strength deliver won’t blow as soon as you switch it on. By the manner the clear out capacitor is rated at one zero five Celsius and you can’t update it with the eighty five Celsius kind in any other case it is able to open up again after the usage of for couple of weeks or months. The air flow in LCD display is not as appropriate as the cathode ray tube display, due to the fact the power supply is fully covered through a big aluminum plate and it can get warm quite fast. Conclusion, whether you are repairing Samsung 153V LCD power supply or different emblem of LCD reveal, the manner is the equal. Who is aware of the strength problem on this monitor is a commonplace fault and in the destiny you can address this emblem of strength deliver in the shortest time. To degree electronic additives isn’t that difficult, but to get the authentic elements just like the strength ic will eat you masses of time.